The Estacada Area Food Bank
                    An Oregon Non-profit Corporation

Estacada Area Food Bank (Serving Colton, Eagle Creek and Estacada)

Mission Statement:  Planning, developing and conducting programs
for disadvantaged citizens which are designed to serve their physical
needs while encouraging their self sufficiency in the community.
On average, 72,000 kids in Oregon and Clark County Washington receive their
meals provided from emergency food boxes.
Hunger in children causes serious health issues and learning delays.
Early childhood malnutrition can result in irreversible health problems, such as
hypertension, diabetes, kidney and heart disease, later in life.
We are one of almost 900 local food banks that are affiliated with the
Oregon Food Bank (OFB) and receive food (some free and some at
reduced cost) from OFB.  Because of this relationship we must comply
with standards and accountability established by OFB.  We are part of
the state-wide hunger relief network.
Estacada Area Food Bank